COCK AND BULL - process & development

Cock and Bull creates imaginative theatrical experiences investigating identity, psychology, and sexuality. Based in Chicago, created by Artistic Director Chris Garcia Peak in 2009. Cock and Bull is a theatre collective committed to creating original plays and re-investigating canonical works. Our productions are unique theatre events, utilizing a variety of multimedia elements, highly stylized design, and innovative puppetry. We aim to continuously deconstruct cultural assumptions surrounding identity, and we challenge our audiences to do the same.    

"I started Cock and Bull in 2009 to create more experimental and fantastical theatre in Chicago. Our work presents a wide theatrical landscape incorporating original plays, devised theatre, puppetry, and heightened design" - Chris Garcia Peak

The Chicago-based Cock & Bull Theatre company isn’t afraid to embrace the avant-garde in the productions they choose to bring to life. Putting up plays with titles like “Axe Lizzie” and “The Legend of Ginger Bread: A Story of Sex, Salvation & Baked Goods,” the young company’s productions have earned them a sort of “bad boy” reputation within the city’s theatre scene..
— The Huffington Post
‘Lecherous Honey’ possesses masterful ambience.It transports us and transforms the rooms we walk into. The spectacles inside are truly magical and awe-inspiring. It was easy to not question their reality with such powerful tools of world-building on display.
— NewCity Chicago
creepy spectacle mixes song, puppetry, and rich design elements to create a kind of slide carousel of gore—These splatter fests...couldn’t be more scrumptious.
— The Chicago Reader