Voyage, Chopin Theatre directed by Chris Garcia Peak

Voyage, Chopin Theatre directed by Chris Garcia Peak

Fans of devised theatre should flock to this experimental, creative and visually intriguing production at the Chopin Theatre
— Chicago Stage Standard


I seek to create theatre that awakens the senses and becomes a unique theatrical experience utilizing heightened theatricality and a highly stylized visual aesthetic, fantastical realism. The focus of my aesthetic is on magnifying key psychological moments in characters' lives on stage and highlighting the human condition through stylized theatrical means. Theatre is a communal act. I seek to expand the collective experience for theatre artists and audience. I want people to see themselves, their struggles, their desires in my artistic creations. How can theatre serve as a catalyst to bring communities together? I seek to explore this goal by adapting or creating original fantastical stories and re-imagined fairy tales seen through a contemporary post-modern lens.

I founded Cock and Bull Theatre in 2009 in Chicago, to create experimental theatre that would address the issues of identity, sexuality, and psychology through theatricality. I seek to deconstruct classic work by re-examining the intention of the playwright, the period, and cultural happenings during the playwright's life. Deconstructing work allows me and the audience to focus on specific scenes or focus on one overall character arc throughout the piece. During the past decade, my passion for deconstruction has led me to look at themes, ideas, or characters through devised original work. I hope to continue my study and research in devised theatre and ensemble-driven creation.

Technically, I work to create productions that are unique theatre events, utilizing a variety of multimedia elements, high levels of design, song, and puppetry. I try to keep growing and pushing my aesthetic to impact and make an audience think, question, or discover new thoughts about identity and their role in our complex society.